Realm shows "Invalid User" error for all users after 9.0.2 upgrade



A realm or realmsstarts displaying "Invalid User" error to all users attempting to log into the realm after upgrading to 9.0.2

The issue may not happen immediately and may not affect all realms.



In 9.0.2, SecureAuth has protected the passwords further and encrypts them within the encrypted web.config This can happen after the config is modified for the first time after an upgrade so a random change can appear to cause the problem.

To verify that this is the cause of the issue,

  1. Open the Admin Console
  2. Select the Realm in question and click on the System Info tab
  3. Decrypt the Web.Config
  4. Open the Web.Config and search for connectionPassword
  5. If it shows "Bad Data: Certificate was not found. please check web.config for serialnumber" continue to the resolution below. If not, see this alternative article Invalid User


  1. Open the Admin Console
  2. Open the Realm
  3. Click on System Info, scroll down to the License Info section click Select Cert
  4. Pick a valid cert
  5. Click on Data
  6. Fill out your DataStore username and password and click save

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