After Upgrade: Invalid User Error


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: 9.0.0 +

Description: Once functioning Active Directory SecureAuth realms, now display an Invalid User error upon login attempt, after an upgrade to SecureAuth version 9.x.x or greater.

Cause: The service account in the realm's datastore is configured as DomainName/ServiceAccountName instead of the expected ServiceAccountName@DomainName format.

DomainName/ServiceAccountName is an acceptable configuration format for pre-9.x.x SecureAuth versions, but all newer versions require ServiceAccountName@DomainName.

An alternative cause for this issue is detailed here

Resolution: Restructure to service account format in the realm to ServiceAccountName@DomainName.

Admin Console -> Admin Realm -> SecureAuth# -> Data (tab) -> Membership Connection Settings (section) -> Service Account

- Press the Test Connection button at the bottom of the Membership Connection Settings section. If it returns Connection Successful, the realm should now be fully functional.



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