SP Start URL not working on Custom SAML page


Version Affected:  All


Secureauth using an SP Start URL to move Users to the SP in order to generate an AuthN request when Users have decided to bookmark the IdP page instead of the SP.



On SAML realms with custom code, this SP Start URL does not trigger



Move the custom aspx and .vb pages from the Customized folder to the Authorized Folder.


1. Take a backup of /Authorized/Saml20SPinitPost.aspx
2. Copy the /Customized/Saml20SPinitPost.aspx and Saml20SPinitPost.aspx.vb to the /Authorized folder
3. Edit the Post Auth page to use our standard Saml SP init by Post option instead of Custom Redirect


Special Considerations

The above example is using the SAML SP Init by Post as an example but the same fix holds true for SAML by redirect too. 



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