Which Oauth/OpenID flows work with the transformation engine

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • Version Affected:  All


    The article is out of date and only applies to versions older than 9.3 HF20. 


    The transformation engine is designed to modify attributes for SAML and WSFed assertions but it can also be used by OpenID Hybrid flow. 


    The Transformation Engine only applies when you hit the Authorized/Oidcauthorize.aspx endpoint.


    The Transformation engine only really works with Hybrid as this can return ID_Tokens direct from the Oidcauthorize endpoint. 

    It will also work with Implicit but as this only returns an Access Token, the only option you have to change is Sub.

    1. Follow this guide to setup the Transformation Engine https://docs.secureauth.com/display/91docs/Transformation+Engine+Guide

    2.  The initial claims within the ID_Token returned by Hybrid flow will be transformed by the setting set in Step1. 


    Special Considerations :

    The article is out of date and only applies to versions older than 9.3 HF20. 

    However, be aware that if you use the Code returned by the Hybrid flow to grab a new ID_Token from the oidctoken endpoint, this will not be processed by the transformation engine. 




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