Adaptive Auth Country Restrictions behaviour change in Identity Platform

    Applies to:
  • SecureAuth Identity Platform
Deployment model:
  • Cloud
  • Version Affected:  19.07.01+


    When upgrading from an older version of SecureAuth, Country restrictions changes the way it behaves for internal IPs in the Classic Experience


    The Country Restrictions behaviour for unknown IPs has changed a few times over the years as we seek to provide the best options. 

    In 19.07.x we provide options at the top of Adaptive Auth tab for how to react when we cannot determine the Users location due to a service disruption and another for if we receive the IPv6 address.

    If we determine the address is an Internal IP address, we know that won't resolve to a country so we set it as -


    If you wish to treat your Internal users the same way as if they are coming from an "Allowed" country, please do the following

    1. Open the Admin Console and navigate to the realm in question

    2. Click the Adaptive Auth tab

    3. In the Country Restriction section, edit the country list to add , -

    Eg, if you currently allow US you'd change it to US, -


    4. Hit save.


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