Decrypt Web config page fails with error Object reference not set to an instance of an object


Version Affected:  9.x


When click on the Tools | Decrypt Web Config option in the Web Admin Console, it errors with the standard Custom Error page. 

If Custom Errors are turned off, you see the real error 



One of the SecureAuthXYZ realm folders in D:\SecureAuth\ is missing a Web.Config file.


The Web.config only goes missing when the SecureAuth administrator themselves has accidentally moved it so they will typically know which realm they've just been working on and should check there. 

However, the following steps can be performed to get a list of folders where the web.config is missing

1. RDP into the IdP
2. Open an Admin Powershell
3. Run

GCI "D:\SecureAuth" -Directory | ?{(gci $_.FullName -Filter "web.config").count -eq 0}

4. This will return a list of Folders where the web.config is missing. 


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