JSON Fingerprint causes low score

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  • Hybrid
  • On Premises
  • Version Affected:  IdP - All version


    When using JSON format to store Digital Fingerprint instead of the standard binary option, Users are often prompted to re-MFA even though the Fingerprint should still be valid. 


    A problem with the way the Fingerprint is stored means certain attributes always fail to match, making the fingerprint score lower than expected.


    Httpsheader, touchsupport, plugins and fonts are affected by this issue. 

    Option 1, Remove those from the Fingerprint component list

    Option 2, Switch to binary instead of JSON for the Fingerprint profile field (Be warned, people will have to MFA the first time they login again once this change has been made)

    Option 3, This has been fixed in Hotfix 9.1.0-51 (Only for 9.1 at time of writing. It's still broken in the other versions at time of writing)



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