Helpdesk Realm Error "Sorry, the highlighted fields below could not be saved due to a misconfiguration"


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: All
When using the Helpdesk realm, it fails to save changes stating "Sorry, the highlighted fields below could not be saved due to a misconfiguration" even though the highlighted fields are those set to Show Disabled and you had no desire to update them. 

Group Restrictions to the helpdesk realm cause this problem. 


1. Open the Admin Console and navigate to the Data tab for the Helpdesk Realm

2. In the Profile Provider settings, change "Same as above" to False

3. Set Default Profile Provider to "Directory Server"

4. In the Profile Connection Settings, set the AD connection as before but remove the group restriction.

Note: The Group Restriction must remain in the Membership connection section to prevent unauthorized users from connecting. 

5. Click Save

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