OWA Exchange 2013 WSFed Logout


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: All

When trying to logout of Exchange 2013 after integrating with SecureAuth. The Exchange Cookies are not removed and users are not fully logged out.

FedAuth cookie is not removed


Add the following URL Rewrite rules on the CAS.

1. Open IIS

2. Navigate to OWA within IIS
3. In the Features View, click on URL Rewrite
4. Add a new blank incoming rule

5. Name the rule. Such as OWA logout

6. Set the pattern as \b(logon.aspx)\b

7. Set the Action Type to Redirect


8. Set the Redirect URL to

Replace exchange.example.local with the URL of your OWA server.
Replace idp.secureauth.com/secureauthxx with the name and realm number of your SecureAuth server.
9. Repeat the above steps for ECP with the Redirect URL set to

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