Credential Provider troubleshooting


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: All
When attempting to set up the Credential Provider for the first time, Users cannot login with their OTP
Communication issues with the OTP Webservice 

Eg, https://secureauth.Example.local/secureauth998/webservice/profilews.svc

Turn on Credential Provider logging to see where the issue is

1. On the affected machine, open Regedit

2. Navigate to HKLM\Software\SecureAuth2FactorCP

3. Create/Edit a String value called OTPLog and set this to 1

4. Create/Edit a String value called otpLogPath and set this to a safe location such as C:\Temp

5. Reproduce the problem.

6. Check the logs. 


If the logs hint that the issue is talking to the url, try going to the same URL in a browser from that machine.

If you see "An Authentication error has occurred" it means that you are seeing our friendly custom error page and should turn this off to view the real problem.

6. Open up the SecureAuth Admin console

7. Open the Logs tab for the affected Realm

8. Set Custom Errors to off

9. Back on the Credential Provider machine, use the Browser to view the URL again. Now you should see the real error.





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