How to Allow Individual Realms to be Seen by Only Specific Groups in Secure Portal

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises


    How to set up Secure Portal to display realms only to those that are allowed access.


    Some clients may wish to have the Secure Portal realm only show the realms that the groups have access to. This is very useful for clients that have specific realms that should be only visible to a certain group of users but using the same secure portal. The secure portal does not go through authentication workflow again when it links to another realm, so security measures such as adaptive authentication will not apply when attempting to link to a realm found in the Secure Portal.


    1. Go to the Data Tab in the Realm you wish to Allow only specific group access in Secure Portal.

    2. Under Membership Connection Settings > Group Permissions.

    3. Choose User Group Check Type "Allow Access" to allow you to specify the groups allowed to access this realm.

    4. Under User Groups input the User Groups you with to Allow. This will deny anyone else access to view the realm on the Secure Portal that is not in these groups.


    5. Save and watch as your secure portal will show the realm for those specified groups and not show for everyone else.


    Note: Currently, this only works with Allow Access and not Deny Access. With Deny Access, it may still deny the user access to the realm, but it will show the realm on the Secure Portal page.

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