SQL Profile Provider Error "The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect"

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • SecureAuth Idp Version affected: All


    When using SQL to store some of the Profile entries for a user, the following error occurs

    SqlProfileProvider.SetPropertyValues: Error received when saving data to user storage, exception: The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Table-valued parameter 37 ("@DigitalFP"), row 0, column 0: Data type 0xF3 (user-defined table type) has a non-zero length database name specified. Database name is not allowed with a table-valued parameter, only schema name and type name are valid.

    The Standard SQL Stored Procedures expects a value for certain attributes. This isn't a problem when using SQL as the complete profile store but when only using it for a few attributes, if these values are missing, it throws an error. 


    1. Open the Admin Console
    2. On the Realm in question, click on the Data tab
    3. Set the follow 4 Attributes to be stored in SQL


    • Fingerprints
    • Push Notification Tokens
    • Oath Tokens
    • Access Histories.





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