Important Changes to Network Requirements for Identity Platform


In our efforts to provide more reliable services to our customers, SecureAuth is actively migrating legacy services from existing data centers to Amazon Web Services. As part of the migration, new IP addresses must be accessible by your SecureAuth IdP appliance(s). These IP addresses are used for communications between the SecureAuth IdP Appliance(s) and the SecureAuth Cloud Service Endpoints.


Below is the list the new IP addresses that need to be accessible by SecureAuth IdP appliance(s) over TCP ports 80 and 443.


If your environment includes software firewall(s), physical firewall(s), and / or proxies, please verify that outbound rules are configured to accommodate the URLs and IPs listed below. & (v9.3 and below TCP 80 and 443) (TCP 443) (TCP 443) (TCP 443) (TCP 443) (TCP 443) (TCP 443)

We anticipate that we will complete our migration to Amazon Web Services by September 30th, 2021. Please ensure that IPs whitelisted and are accessible by your SecureAuth IdP Appliance(s) before this date to avoid any service disruption.


Once these new IPs are active, it will substantially reduce the number of IPs that need to be whitelisted, making whitelisting much easier moving forward.


For more information and a comprehensive list of all IP Addresses required for SecureAuth Cloud Services, please refer to


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