Castle.core.dll mismatch error on Admin console page after upgrading to 19.07.01


Version Affected:  19.07.01 Post Upgrade 


After upgrade to 19.07.01 from IDP version 9.2. we are getting this error about castle.core.dll does not match the assembly reference.


File Sync left turned on the affected before kicking off the upgrade process.


Using the VM snapshot, revert to the old version of IDP. Turn off File sync and start the upgrade process again.

Special Considerations (optional as needed):  

Explanation- So that error message is basically a mismatch between the version stated in the web.config and the actual DLL version

Because if you check the Actual castle.core.dll file, you would find it is on 4.4.0 however the castle.core reference in the web.config is 4.1.x.


There are two main ways this could happen- 1). If Filesync being left on during an upgrade (Primary overwrites the newly updated web.config from the upgrader with the old version from the primary) OR upgrading without blind copy which leaved the SecureAuth0 web.config with references to the new DLL but the old DLL is still in place


Hope this would help in castle.core.dll error related issues. Happy upgrading:)


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