Transformation Engine File Copy

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Description: this provides a solution to copy the user profile data.xslt from its original location to your other server.

Resolution: this command here is utilized to robocopy these files to a location, which can then be moved over and ran in reverse to load the files in.


  1. To run, simply open a command prompt with administrative rights and paste this command here.  Please feel free to change the location of the output.

    robocopy d:\secureauth c:\temp\secureauth usersprofiledata.xslt /S

    It will display a table of results once done.

  2. Once ran, it will recursively run through all your realms and pull the Transformation Engine file, the userprofiledata.xslt, and paste it in it's respective folder in the location you specify.


  3. From here, go ahead and copy this folder over to any other server that the Transformation Engine needs to be moved to.  From there, we run the script in reverse, as so, and that's it!

    robocopy c:\temp\secureauth d:\secureauth usersprofiledata.xslt /S

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