FileSync Troubleshooting - Cannot Access Manifest

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FileSync versions applicable: 4.x+

Description: From the secondary server, it shows the message that it cannot access the manifest from the primary.  There are multiple causes for this, please run through the list of troubleshooting steps to further investigate.



1. FileSync will not run properly if the folders do not match within IIS virtual directories and the folder structure, hence FileSync will not create the manifest, and provide an error.


2. SMB port, 445, is not open, and cannot communicate to primary server via SMB protocol.

3. Share permissions of the service account are missing/removed entirely or modified.




1. Inspect IIS virtual directory to match the files to ensure the manifest then gets created, then monitor to see if any other errors occur.

For example, we see 997 missing it's physical folder path.

2. Check via telnet from server-to-server to see if port 445 is open.

You'll know you have an issue if it hangs as such.

If it pops into an empty screen, that means it connected!

3. Inspect permissions to ensure the service account is present and has at least read, if not, full control.  There are two spots to view it, ensure it's listed in both.




4. After that is all said and checked, restart the service to verify if the manifest is now being generated and if there are any other errors.  If not, it should be good to go!


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