SecureAuth API returns "found_with_id_mismatch" for fingerprints

    Applies to:
  • SecureAuth Identity Platform
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • Hybrid
  • On Premises
  • Version Affected:  IdP 8.2 and higher


    When calling the fingerprint validation endpoint it returns "found_with_id_mismatch" even if the fingerprint has a 100% match e.g.:

    ValidateDigitalFingerPrint {"fingerprint_id":"fd84d711aab34a6490ef0e5b869c03f3","fingerprint_name":"Windows - 10 - Chrome","score":"100.00","match_score":"85.00","update_score":"85.00","status":"found_with_id_mismatch","message":""}



    In the request sent to the API the fingerprint_id parameter has not been supplied so the response says the fingerprint was found_with_id_mismatch because it's comparing the fingerprint_id that it finds in the data store with null.

    In the API documentation here:

    it mentions that you can "Validate a known profile by including the fingerprint_id in the parameters" but it's important to understand that doing so is optional and only really desirable if the fingerprint_id is known and has been previously stored by the application that's using the API, in a cookie or database that's independent of the IdP and its data store.



    Ensure that fingerprint_id is supplied in the request to the API.

    Alternatively if the application using the API is not storing the fingerprint_id (or a deliberate design decision has been made to the same effect) then the check for a matching fingerprint_id in the data store can be disabled.

    The code for fingerprint comparison has a condition that checks to see if the AppSetting DFPDesktopMode is enabled in the web.config for the API realm and performs a logical AND with the DFPDesktopCookieFPIdMatch AppSetting, if the result is true then it tries to match the fingerprint_id and returns found_with_id_mismatch if the match fails.   However if either of the above AppSettings are False then it just returns found when the FP score meets the threshold without checking the fingerprint_id.

    The relevant lines in the web.config that control this are:

    <add key="DFPDesktopMode" value="0" />
    <add key="DFPDesktopCookieFPIdMatch" value="False" />

    Or the same can be changed via the admin console on the Workflow tab:

    DFPDesktopMode is the same as FP mode: 
    DFPDesktopCookieFPIdMatch is the same as Match FP Id in cookie:

    Set either or both to False/NoCookie 




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