Short Read: SameSite Issue


What happened?:

  • Google has delayed the rollout of the SameSite attribute enforcement in Chrome 80 until Feb. 17. With that change new security settings are enforced that require a hotfix to be applied to the SecureAuth appliance to work properly with some federated workflows


Why didn’t you notify our organization?:

  • SecureAuth did a comprehensive customer communication program starting in early January, with three notifications to customers over the past four weeks


My organization is impacted now, what do I do?:

  • Have your users use an alternate browser (FireFox, Edge, Safari, IE)
  • Disable Chrome SameSite enforcement as explained here
  • Update your SecureAuth appliances with the required Microsoft and SecureAuth hotfixes


How do I update my appliances?

  • Hotfix instructions can be found here


I want more, information detailed information about this SameSite change:

  • Please read this document


I’m on an unsupported version, what do I do?:

  • Submit a SecureAuth support ticket requesting the SameSite patch, including your version number
  • Follow these instructions to install


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