How to disable Debug text logging on all realms

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    How to disable Debug text logging on all realms



    The debug text logs can consume a lot of disk space over time.  It is common to forget to disable debug logging after troubleshooting which can eventually lead to multiple realms having debug logging enabled.  The Admin console does not offer an easy way to disable debug logging in bulk.



    The Disable-SATextDebugLogging tool can be used to disable debug logging on all realms.

    1. Important, although Disable-SATextDebugLogging has been thoroughly tested it is very important to take a snapshot or backup of IdP prior to running the tool.

    2. Download Disable-SATextDebugLogging to the IdP:

    3. Run the tool on the IdP from any folder where you have write permissions

    4. To begin with the tool will back up all the web.config files in D:\SecureAuth\* and write a rollback batch file to a subfolder called Rollback within the same folder containing the executable.

    5. The tool will then decrypt all the web.config files, disable debug text logging in all realms and then encrypt them again. It will also write a log file to the same folder as the executable.  When complete the log file will be automatically opened.

    6. If desired, the entire operation can be rolled back by running the batch file in the Rollback folder.  Run this as Administrator.



    An improved tool that allows the other logs to be adjusted too can be found here:




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    • Simon, I am guessing that this tool needs run on the secureauth server?

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    • Yes, this tool should be run on the IdP itself. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll update the article.

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