Chrome is autofilling fields in IdP forms

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • Version Affected:  All


    Chrome is autofilling fields in IdP, often this manifests as the users password showing in a Knowledge Based Answer field, e.g.:




    Chrome version 76 and higher do not properly supporting turning off autocomplete without keeping Autofill on.

    Chrome developers made a deliberate decision that the Autofill feature, which is separate from AutoComplete, will override autocomplete="off"


    SecureAuth has previously supplied a modified theme that turns off autocomplete for all input fields. But Chrome's Autofill feature is overriding that.

    Chrome is only allowing a way to turn off one or the other, Autofill or AutoComplete. There is currently no way to turn off both. 




    Use one of the following workarounds:

    1. Use Incognito mode

    2. Use an alternative browser like Edge, IE or Firefox.



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