Announcing the SecureAuth Identity Platform!


We are excited to share that the SecureAuth® Identity Platform (formerly SecureAuth IdP) and multiple enhanced endpoints products are now generally available!
The Identity Platform release marks a shift in how you protect all your varying identities, customer and workforce, with choices and unique capabilities only available from SecureAuth. The Identity Platform offers deployment freedom, simple administration, and enhanced security including the SecureAuth® Intelligent Identity Cloud service. Our new endpoints releases bring user convenience and strong authentication to RADIUS, varying devices (e.g. Windows computers & tablets), and our mobile app to authenticate to organizational systems.
What’s New – SecureAuth Identity Platform?
The SecureAuth® Intelligent Identity Cloud
Cloud-based analytics and administration with a big-data approach to delivering identity intelligence, ensuring strong security and maximum usability for all your identities.

Deployment Freedom 
Deploy hybrid, on-prem, or in the cloud, without sacrificing capabilities or requiring multiple products, enabling you to meet your needs today and in the future.

Simple Administration
Centrally define and manage policies and settings to simplify and accelerate the creation and on-going administration of authentication experiences.

Identity Security Intelligence Dashboard
Gain visibility to key metrics for your identity security status, providing you with immediate intelligence on authentication trends in your environment. 

Enhanced Security 
Expanding upon the industry’s broadest set of risk-based adaptive authentication and multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods this release includes:

  • Dynamic perimeter, a new adaptive authentication risk check that reduces authentication disruptions for users who regularly move about in a defined area such as a campus.
  • Biometric MFA leveraging face or fingerprint biometrics from mobile devices.

What’s New – Multiple Endpoints Products?
All endpoint product have bug fixes in addition to below:

RADIUS 19.06 (previous version = 2.5)
Continuing our support for Yubico’s YubiKey series 4 & 5, we now support one-time passcodes (OTPs). This adds additional flexibility in using YubiKeys for authentication.

Login for Windows 19.06 (previous version = 1.0.4)
We also support YubiKey OTPs to secure the Windows-driven device. Additionally, we offer Symbol-to-Accept, a unique multiple factor authentication method built for strong security.

Mobile Authenticate 19.06 (previous version = 5.3)
We now support fingerprint and facial biometric recognition for iOS and Android capable devices. This is noted in the ‘Enhanced Security’ section for the Identity Platform above.
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Want to Learn More about the Multiple SecureAuth Endpoints Releases?

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