9.2 on a 2016 Server - Key.File Creation


SecureAuth IdP Version Affected: 9.2


In order for 9.2 to run off Windows Server 2016, there is just a small task that needs to be done on top of running SISU.


Windows Server 2016 was sent with a 9.3 SISU, therefore, it did not come with one prerequisite that 9.2 requires.


Manually create the key.file and get it to update.


  1.  First, create a new text file, and rename it to key.file.

  2. Right click on your new key.file, and select properties.

    The accounts that you need to add are as follows:
    - iis apppool\secureauth0pool
    - network service

  3. Remember to allow them modify rights on both accounts.

  4. Once you are done creating your new key.file, move it to the following location: D:\Secureauth

  5. Once moved here, it's time to get it to update!  Complete this task by hitting opening up a realm.

  6. Once you have launched it successfully, you will see that the key.file is now 1kb.  If so, you are done!



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