How to merge separate certificate and private key files into a PFX

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  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
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  • On Premises
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    How to create a single PFX file containing a private key from a separate .cer/.crt file and .key file.



    Sometimes certificate files and private keys are supplied as distinct files but IIS and Windows requires certificates with private keys to be in a single PFX file.



    1. On the IdP put the .cer/.crt and .key files into the same folder and make sure they have the same name but keep their prefix e.g.:


    2. Open a command line and run:

    certutil -mergepfx [INPUTFILE] [OUTPUTFILE]

    Replace INPUTFILE with the name of the .cer/.crt file. There is no need to specify the key file, it's derived from the name of the .cer/.crt


    certutil -mergepfx MyCert.crt MyCert.pfx

    3. The result, if successful, will be a PFX file that can be imported into the certificate store in the usual manner.  



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