February 15, 2018 - Deprecating SHA1 Environment - x509.multifactortrust3.com



On February 15, 2018, our cloud infrastructure team decomissioned our legacy SHA1 x509.multifactortrust3.com environment. There should be no impact to customers as all customers were migrated off the SHA1 environment in 2017. You may receive an alert from monitoring tools that your environment is unable to reach the address: x509.multifactortrust3.com (


You can ignore the alerts if you do not notice any impact to your users using:

  • SMS Service
  • Telephony Service
  • Push Service
  • Link-to-Accept
  • Geo-location Service
  • App Enrollment Service (QR Code)
  • Phone Number Fraud Prevention Service
  • X509 Certificate Services

2/20/2018 Edit: It has come to our attention that some customers may still be using the legacy SHA1 certificates for SAML signing or other purposes that require the CRL to be published. We have extended CRL publishing to March 31, 2018. Please contact SecureAuth Support if you are unable to meet this deadline.


Am I on the legacy x509.multifactortrust3.com environment?

A quick way to ensure that you're no longer using our legacy endpoint is to go to the System Info tab on the IdP and verify the endpoints are pointed to one of the following examples:

SecureAuth IdP Version 9.1 and below
cloud.secureauth.com OR us-cloud.secureauth.com

SecureAuth IdP Version 9.2

cloud.secureauth.com or us-cloud.secureauth.com


To learn more about SecureAuth Cloud Services, please visit our documentation site.


If you have any issues, please contact SecureAuth Support immediately by creating a ticket.

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