SecureAuth Identity Platform Upgrade Process


This guide assists customers preparing to upgrade the software on their SecureAuth Identity Platform appliance(s) and describes best practices to ensure a successful process.

The procedures in this guide pertain to upgrading the SecureAuth Identity Platform software version – not upgrading the appliance or Virtual Machine (VM) on which SecureAuth Identity Platform runs.

Step 1: Request Step 2: Assessment Step 3: Backup Step 4: Upgrade
All upgrade requests must start with a ticket in the SecureAuth support system and contain the information listed below
  • Company Name
  • Customer Support Contact (CSC) phone and email address
  • Contact hours the CSC is available and and time zone of CSC
  • The version of SecureAuth Identity Platform software currently present on the appliance(s)
  • Information about any customized code present on the appliance(s)

 Microsoft Sharepoint

SecureAuth uses Microsoft Sharepoint to securely distribute support files to customers. In order to download the updater, a SecureAuth Support Engineer will need access to

If corporate IT Security policies do not allow for access to Sharepoint, alert the Support Engineer prior to the upgrade so an arrangement can be made for an alternative download method.

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