An Error In The Authentication Has Occured After Copying web.config

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • SecureAuth IdP Version Affected: All


    Description: After copying a realms web.config from one IdP to another, the user sees the following error while trying to get to the SecureAuth admin realm:

    Realm_Save_1.PNGCause: The web.config was likely copied over without decrypting it first. Also, if the web.config was copied from an IdP running a different version of SecureAuth than the IdP it's copying to, you must update the web config immediately after copying it. The web.config files change between different versions of SecureAuth, and it can cause this error.


    Resolution: Make sure to decrypt web.config files before copying them. Also, make sure to update the web.config if copying between different versions.

    1. In the SecureAuth IdP Admin, click on Tools, and then decrypt web.config.



    2. Either select the exact realm you want to decrypt, or select all and decrypt all.

    3. Copy the web.config to the desired location.

    4. On the IdP you copied the web.config to, go to SecureAuth IdP Admin, click on Tools, Update Web Config.

    5. Click "Update."

    6. Click "Update Resource."

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