Authentication Workflow takes ~3 seconds per step, causing IIS timeouts


Affects: IdP versions 9.1 and earlier


IdP authentication starts failing inexplicably.  When a user tries to open a realm to starts the authentication process, the realm page is extremely slow when loading up.  After entering in their username, the realm is still very slow to respond, up to completely timing out and resulting in a timeout error from IIS.

Audit Log Sample:



If a syslog server is configured in the Logs tab, and the syslog server is unresponsive, this will cause severe latency within the IdP workflows when it tries to submit logs but cannot due to the syslog server not working.  This results in a distinct ~3 second lag during each step of the authentication process.


Diagnose and repair the syslog server, or temporarily delete the syslog settings from the Logs tab. This issue is fixed in the latest hotfix for 9.1 (HF9.1.0-28). Please open a ticket with SecureAuth Support to request the hotfix.

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