How to enable extended SMTP logging

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • SecureAuth IdP Version Affected:  All



    How to enable additional logging for SMTP sessions from the IdP.



    Sometimes an SMTP session can cause an exception but no further information is provided other than that there was an exception e.g.:

    OTPHtmlEmailProvider.Send, Exception: Failure sending mail.

    In such circumstances and where it's desirable to see the actual SMTP commands and the responses from the SMTP server, it's possible to turn on trace logging in .NET to capture the SMTP sessions.



    1. Decrypt the web.config, open the Admin console and click on the SecureAuth logo, then Tools | Decrypt Web Config

    2. Select the relevant realm and click the Decrypt button.
    3. Next go to the realm folder, e.g.:  D:\SecureAuth\SecureauthXX and make a copy of the web.config file.

    4. Edit the web.config in a text editor and scroll down to the last line.
    Insert the contents of the attached file just above the final line, where it says </configuration>.

    5. Once complete, save it and encrypt the web.config .

    6. If it's working then a new log file called will be created in the realm folder once email is being sent from the realm.

    7. Be aware that the .NET trace logging creates substantial log file sizes so be sure to revert the logging back to normal when debugging has been completed.


    SecureAuth Knowledge Base Articles provide information based on specific use cases and may not apply to all appliances or configurations. Be advised that these instructions could cause harm to the environment if not followed correctly or if they do not apply to the current use case.

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