How to Use FileSync Helper

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • SecureAuth version affected: All

    Description:FileSync Helper is a tool that functions exactly like Reset-File-Perms, without the IIS reset that Reset-File-Perms requires. Like Reset-File-Perms, it can be used to reconfigure the file shares or permission settings for realm(s) that are not properly syncing. This is a typical behavior for newly created realms, post FileSync installation, that where created using the Admin Console's API instead of the RealmManagementTool, as we recommend.

    Click Here to download SAFileSyncHelper from our Sharepoint portal.
    - Once downloaded, move the zip file to all servers integrated with FileSync.
    - Right-click the zip file, open Propertiesand check to see if the zip file is blocked. If so, check the Unblock checkbox and click OK. If the file is not blocked, an Unblock option will not appear.
    - Extract the zip file and place sub-fileSAFileSyncHelper into the following directory:

    - From that directory, right-clickSAFileSyncHelper.bat and select Run as an administartor.
    - Two menu options will appear:

    1 Update: All
    This option goes through every realm's file directory, reconfiguringeach onewith the proper files shares and rewarding the FileSync service account the required file permissions.

    2 Update: Intelligent
    This option goes through each realm's file directory, checks if the proper files are shared, and checks if the proper permissions are rewarded to the FileSync service account. FileSync Helper will only reconfigure any needed shares/permissions that are not already given.

    - Select an option by inputting either1 or 2. Then pressEnter.
    Either option should fix problem realms that are not syncing, without causing the small outage that comes from resetting IIS.

    Errors:If you encounter this error, you are using an older version of FileSync and unfortunately this script does not work on the older version of FileSync. The only option at this point is to run the ResetFilePerms script.

    Newly Created Realms Won't FileSync, Post Installation

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