Antivirus best practices for your SecureAuth Appliance

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • To ensure maximum security SecureAuth Corporation does not have access to your SecureAuth appliances. Maintenance of your appliance antivirus software is your (the customers) responsibility.  As a general rule and recommendation, we encourage you to use your company’s standard antivirus solution on your SecureAuth appliance.

    Exclusions note: Some AntiVirus software can be very aggressive when scanning files possibly resulting in a degradation of performance on your SecureAuth appliance, consider excluding the D:\SecureAuth directory from scans to rectify this issue.

    Note to legacy customers using SecureAuth IdP appliances 8.1 and prior. With the intention of protecting the appliance during the initial configuration, SecureAuth shipped an OEM version of the VIPRE Antivirus software program with a complimentary one-year license.  Should your organization prefer (not recommended) to continue using the VIPRE product you can renew the license by visiting the software publishers website:   As a best practice, we do recommend using your organization's standard antivirus solution on your SecureAuth IdP appliance to allow updates to be managed and monitored per the Company's ITSec policies.  If you opt to use your own AV solution, please disable the VIPRE product as running both will cause a realm of performance issues.


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