Inline password change fails after intentionally feeding bad password

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • Description

    A user has a realm that does inline password resets.

    Upon entering the correct password, the system proceeds to allow the user to enter a new password (without having the user to enter their old password again) and move on to the correct realm.

    Upon entering a bad password, the system proceeds to allow the user to enter a new password, BUT the next screen will have them enter the old password and enter their desired new passwords.

    • At this point, enter in the known good password, the screen loops to have the enter do enter the old password along with the new password again.
    • Entering a bad password in the "old password" field will do the same as above.

    Result (Solution Pending)

    Unfortunately, confirmed with development team on 10/6/2016, this is still a known issue on all versions up to 9.0.1.

    Release Note Articles

    It was mentioned in 8.2

    Ref ID Issue Description
    1309 Inline Password Change Cache Issue

    When an incorrect password is provided on the first page, SecureAuth IdP caches the value for the Inline Password Change; and after user attempts to change the password, IdP states the password is incorrect and clears password value in the field. Subsequent password entry attempts with the correct password continue to fail.

    Workaround: Restart login and enter the correct password on the first page

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