Can't Access the Overview Tab of a Realm, Post FileSync

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • SecureAuth version affected: All

    Description: After installing FileSync between two or more servers, users may encounter an error when attempting to access the Overview tab of a realm from a Secondary server.
    With Custom Errors On, the error will read:
    "An error in the authentication has occurred. Please Try Again.
    If the error persists, please contact your Administrator."

    With Custom Errors Off the error will read:

    The custom Errors setting for the Admin Console can be found:
    Admin Console -> Admin Realm -> SecureAuth0 -> Logs -> Log Options - > Custom Errors

    Cause: The realm's web.config file is referencing a theme folder that's not present within the realm's file directory on the Secondary server. This can occur whenever custom themes are used on a SecureAuth realm. FileSync only synchronizes web.config and language files between severs. Because of this, all other files must be carried over manually--e.g. custom image files and theme folders. 

    - From the Primary server, find the realm equivalent to where the issue is being witnessed on the Secondary server. Go to the Overview tab of that realm and see which theme folder is being referenced.
    Admin Console -> Admin Realm -> SecureAuth# -> Overview -> Look and Feel -> Theme

    - From the Primary server, locate the referenced theme folder in the realm's file directory:

    - Copy the referenced Theme folder and paste it into the same exact file directory on Secondary Server.
    - You should now have access to that realm's Overview tab from the Secondary server.

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