Restoring a Web Config Backup



By default, SecureAuth IdP saves web.config backup files when changes are made within the configuration of a realm. If changes are made to the realm that produce an undesired result, you can revert back to a previous configuration by restoring the backup web.config file.



The location of web.config backup files is D:\Secureauth\SecureAuthXX\ConfigBackup. In this folder, you can sort the files by date to determine the point in time which you'd like to restore.  See image below for reference.


Right-click and copy the backup file you'd like to restore. Afterwards, go back to the realm folder. In this example, we will go back to D:\Secureauth\SecureAuth13. Paste the file into the folder.


Almost done! Now, find the current web.config file, and rename it to "old.config". Say yes to all escalation prompts.


Lastly, rename your backup file to "web.config". This effectively restores your web.config backup as the current running configuration. 


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