Encrypt SAML Assertion


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: All versions

Description: Depending on the service provider (SP), SecureAuthIdP has the option to encrypt SAML assertions.

Steps to Encrypt SAML assertion:

1. Go to the Post Authentication tab of the realm where SAML Assertion is configured.

2. Navigate to the SAML Assertion / WS Federation section.

3. Look for the "Encrypt SAML Assertion:" drop-down field and set it to True

4. In the "SAML Data Encryption Method:" drop-down field, select the method that the SP requires.

5. If the SP provides encryption methods for the SAML Key as well, you can select the appropriate Method in the "SAML Key Encryption Method:" drop-down list as well.

6. Paste the base64 blob of the encrypting certificate provided by the SP in the "Encryption Cert:" field. The SP maintains the private key of the encrypting cert.

7. Click the "Save" button.

Performing the aforementioned steps will encrypt the SAML assertion.

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