Revoke Devices Enrolled for OATH OTP or Push Notifications

    Applies to:
  • Legacy SecureAuth IdP
Deployment model:
  • On Premises
  • Applicable Versions: SecureAuth IdP 8.x+

    Issue: If a user loses their mobile device or is stolen, how can we remove that device administratively from SecureAuth?

    Solution: Revoke that device's enrollment through the Help Desk (aka Account Management) page or Self-service Account Update page.

    Steps to Configure this Feature:

    1. Go to the Identity Management section of the Post Authentication tab where Self-Service or Account Management is configured.
    2. Click on either the "Configure help desk page" or the "Configure self service page" link.
    3. Regardless of which link you click, you should see 2 drop-down fields:

    • Push Notification Tokens
    • OATH OTP Devices

    4. Depending on how your configured your App Enrollment (OATH or Push), setting either field to "Show Enabled" will enable the feature to manage devices.

    Steps to Revoking the Device in Question:

    1. Log in to the realm configured for Help Desk or Self-Service Account Update
    ***For Help Desk, you will need to type in the User ID of the user whose mobile device you want to revoke in the provided field and find that user.

    2. Once authenticated, you should see the mobile device in question, with a checkbox next to it, and the checkbox checked.

    3. Unchecking the box next to the device in question will revoke that device.


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