How to speed up logons to Webservice realms

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    How Webservice logons can be improved in efficiency with multi-data stores by allowing users to log on against a specific lookup realm by using their down-level (DOMAIN\Username) logon name.



    When the Webservice is used with multiple realms there is a delay as each realm is searched consecutively.  When many realms are in use, the delay can become quite pronounced.  It's possible to shortcut Webservice logons so it directly searches the relevant realm for the user.  



    In the Multi-Datastore Membership Configuration on the Data tab of the Webservice realm, click "Add Realm from Another Server"
    Enter the realm Name or URL followed by a pipe character "|" and then a realm identifier of your own choice.  For simplicity this can be the AD domain name if desired, e.g.:
    For local realms:
    Or for remote realms:
    Now when the user logs on they can specify the realm/domain that the Webservice should use by typing the realm identifier followed by a backslash then the username, e.g.:




    To also assert the down-level logon name rather than just the plain logon name see this article:


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