Steps taken to minimize 'Interruption of Service'

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    This article will be used to inform what all steps have been taken to minimize Interruption of Service.

    • DNS is being moved to AWS Route 53 with Arculix, which is multi-region
    • We operate in multiple availability zones within an AWS region, which provides region-based redundancy
    • The Arculix/Acceptto environment will be in multiple regions – currently there would be up to a 15 minute outage if we had to manually switch regions; however, we are in the process of making any move to a different region happen almost instantaneous. We will have this multi-region, little to no downtime setup for Arculix/Acceptto by the end of the year.
    • In the case an upstream provider has an issue (for example, the one highlighted below) we are working in parallel with the previous bullet by having redundant services so any impact to one of the upstream providers could be rapidly switched to a backup vendor or another region that is not having the issue.
    • Finally, we are utilizing microservices and containers for the services, so if one service fails, it can quickly and easily be restarted if the container service does not automatically restart the container.

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