Hardware Token devices compatible with Arculix Core and Device Trust

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    This article will be used to explain which hardware token devices are compatible with Arculix Core and Device Trust.


    All FIDO2 complaint security keys should be compatible with Arculix Core and Device Trust for authenticating on a web browser or your Windows and macOS workstations.


    We recommend the following keys because of their support for biometrics and verified compatibility with DeviceTrust:

    Both models are priced at $65-$85 range, but they might be available at a lower price for large scale orders.

    The slightly cheaper alternative is to use non-biometric FIDO2 security keys like YubiKey 5 NFC (~$45) which rely on a PIN to authenticate users instead of biometrics.


    To summarize, FIDO/WebAuthn on the web, supports any FIDO2 compatible authenticator (USB security keys - YubiKey, Kensington, or Feitian) and FIDO2 compatible platform authenticators (Biometric hardware - Apple touch ID, Windows hello).


    Also, please check the below links, which you might find helpful:-




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