Device appears to be rooted and security compromised by a potential attack

    Applies to:
  • Arculix
Deployment model:
  • Cloud
  • Description:

    This article is applied to all version of ‘Arculix- It’s Me’ mobile app.

    Error Message:

    “Device appears to be rooted and security compromised by a potential attack”




    Android: When the ‘root detection security model’ doesn’t find the Android Attestation API or any other root detection libraries, then the app will show the above warning.

    iOS: Tests are different on iOS and Android, root vs jailbreak. As far as we know, it’s the same tests for all devices, we don’t have device specific rules other than limiting the OS versions which might reflect on hardware.



    Please try the basic troubleshooting, such as, is internet reachable from your mobile device, is the time on the mobile device correct, Arculix-It’s Me app has been successfully installed, if founds any error, please try re-installing it from the app store.

    If the issue persists, please share the below information, and send it to to open a ticket and assist you further:-

    1. What is the mobile device model?
    2. How is the app being installed? (Installing the APK directly? An app store? Which app store?)
    3. Can the app be installed, but presents an error when the app is run? If so, what is the error?
    4. Can the app run, but certain functions fails?


    If the issue persists, please reach out to


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