Exception: IDX10000: The parameter 'jwtEncodedString' cannot be a 'null' or an empty object.

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Version affected: 19.07 and newer


Description: After migrating to a new appliance that was stood up on 19.07 or newer, SMS and Voice will error out during the authentication process. The error displayed on the page will be "Unable to use selected registration method, please choose another method" and when hovering the cursor over the error, you will see "Exception: IDX10000: The parameter 'jwtEncodedString' cannot be a 'null' or an empty object."


Cause: The client certificate being used in the realms post-migration differs from what was originally pulled down with the new tenant that was created.


Resolution: Within the Admin Console (Classic View) on affected realms, navigate to the System Info tab and scroll down to the SecureAuth Cloud Services section, click on "Client Cert Serial Nbr", select the other certificate available and save afterwards.


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