Novell e-Directory cannot call LDAPProvider using LDAPS


SecureAuth IdP Version Affected:  9.0+

Description:  After an upgrade or migration, realms time out during authentication attempts when the data store is configured to connect to a Novell e-Directory using LDAPS.  When looking through debug logs, you see that LDAPMembership calls successfully complete, but the process stops when the appliance tries to pull user attributes and you do NOT see LDAPProvider.GetProperties and LDAPProvider.SetProperties during the login attempt.

Cause:  In older versions of the appliance, LDAPS is hard coded to use 636 when Connection Type of Secured or SSL is selected.  In newer versions of the appliance, this is no longer the case, and the appliance will default to port 389 unless a port number is explicitly defined in the Profile Provider section (using "Same as Above" for Profile Provider settings is insufficient and may fail).

Resolution:  Explicitly define the connection settings to the Novell e-Directory for Profile Provider, and append :636 to the connection string if using the default LDAPS port.  If a different port number is being used by the e-Directory, then e-Directory settings take precedence when appending to the connection string.


Original connection string - LDAP://

New connection string - LDAP://


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