FileSync SyncManifest.xml Corruption


SecureAuth FileSync Version Affected:  4.0.9 and higher



FileSync is no longer syncing and Application event logs are showing Event ID 7117 “Error executing job. System.Exception: Error syncing realms.  System.Exception: Unable to deserialize manifest from “D:\SecureAuth\SecureAuth0\SyncManifest.xml”. Upon investigation of the SyncManifest.xml part or all of the file contents are missing.



SyncManifest.xml has become corrupt or blank.



Follow these steps to recreate SyncManifest.xml:

  1. Stop the FileSync Service on all IdP’s
  2. On the Filesync master, rename D:\SecureAuth\SecureAuth0\SyncManifest.xml to SyncManifest_old.xml
  3. Start the FileSync Service on the Master, then the remaining IdP’s
  4. Upon next sync a new SyncManifest.xml will be created on each IdP
  5. Verify in the Application Event log that Sync is starting and completing successfully


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