Web Config File Edits Won't Save to File


SecureAuth IdP Version affected: All versions

Description: When editing the Web Config file of a realm, through the SecureAuth Admin Console's Web Config Editor, desired changes sometimes won't save to the file. This can be confirmed by re-visiting the Web Config Editor menu, after saving a change, to see if the change is within the file once re-loaded.

Admin Console ->  Admin Realm -> Realm# -> System Info(tab) -> Click to edit Web Config file(displayed at page bottom)

Cause: Some edits--such as duplicate key value entries and such--are automatically stripped out by the IdP's graphical user interface before saving to the realm's web.config file to prevent harmful changes.

As a work around, any non-saving yet desired, web.config changes should be made directly to the realm's web.config file through applications like Notepad(ran as an administrator) or Notepad++.

File Directory: D:\Secureauth\SecureAuth#\web.config

We recommend running a Minimum Backup with our SABackup tool--or taking a snapshot for VM appliances--before making any manual web.config edits through this method. See our documentation below on using SABackup:

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