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FileSync Service Fails to Start

SecureAuth IdP Version: All

Description: File Sync Service hangs in a starting state and times out

Cause: The SecureAuth FileSync Service has a digital signature that allows .NET to validate the authenticity of the binary at run time; this feature is known as Code Access Security (CAS). If CAS is unable to contact the GoDaddy\Starfield CRL-OCSP URLs to check for revocation, then the .NET thread can hang and prevent the service from starting

Resolution: .

1. Whitelist the GoDaddy\Starfield CRL-OCSP URLs to allow the service to communicate with them.

2. If the Security policies disallow opening access to those URLs, disable CAS by editing the FileSync Service configuration file located at D:\MFCApp_Bin\Appliance_Sync\FileSyncService\FileSyncService.exe.config. Change the setting <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="true"/> to <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>.


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