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Login Takes Too Long When Using Multi-Datastore Configuration

Version Affected: SecureAuth IdP 7.5 +

Description: Login is taking a long time, sometimes timing out the user when the data store is configured for Web Service (Multi-DataStore) with 2 or more realms configured to serve as different data stores.

Cause: The web service loops through the data stores configured in the data store tab, starting with the one listed at the top, then going down the list until the user is found. If all the data stores have thousands of users in them, this process can take a long time.


Add a pipe to the end of the realm declared in the Membership Configuration section, then appending the domain name right after it. For example, if we are to have a domain "abc," the entry will look like this:

The user can then log in by typing in their username prepended by the domain name, like so:



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