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SecureAuth realms take 20 seconds or longer to load

SecureAuth IdP Version affected: 6.3.1 and above


After upgrading to version 6.3.1 or greater (without installing SQL Express) accessing some or all of the SecureAuth realms take greater than 20 seconds to load.

A known issue after upgrading to 6.3.1

If the customer is not planning to implement the local SQLExpress based audit logging follow these steps to disable the listener.

  1. Open the Web.Config file for the affected realm(s).
  2. Search for "DatabaseTraceListner".
  3. Comment out the entire section by adding a <!-- at the beginning of the line and a --> at the end of the line as shown below.

    <!-- <add name="DatabaseTraceListner" type="MFC.SecureAuth.Logging.FormattedDatabaseTraceListener, MFC.SecureAuth.Logging" listenerDataType="MFC.SecureAuth.Logging.FormattedDatabaseTraceListenerData, MFC.SecureAuth.Logging" databaseInstanceName="LogDatabase" writeLogStoredProcName="WriteLog" addCategoryStoredProcName="AddCategory" formatter="Text Formatter" /> -->
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