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How to Allow/Deny Individual Realms by Groups in Secure Portal



Some clients may wish to have Secure Portal realm that blocks access to certain realms based off of the group that the user is in. This is very useful for clients that have specific realms that should be blocked from regular users but use the same Secure Portal. The secure portal does not go through authentication workflow again when it links to another realm, so security measures such as adaptive authentication will not apply when attempting to link to a realm found in the Secure Portal.



1. In the Realm you wish to Allow or Deny in Secure Portal go to the Data Tab

2. Under Membership Connection Settings > Group Permissions

3. Choose User Group Check Type whether you wish to "Allow Access" or "Deny Access" to specific groups.

4. Under User Groups input the User Groups you with to Allow/Deny.


5. Save and watch as your secure portal will show or not show the realm you configured.


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