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Mobile Enrollment QR Code Issue - The QR code you scanned is not valid


The SecureAuth Mobile app on both Android and iOS fails to read the QR code. On Android, the message "The QR code you scanned is not valid" is displayed.


The Warning.log file shows an error similar to the following "Please check WCFClientCertSN setting: The certificate '123456789' was not found - Index was out of range.  Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection"


Depending on the exact message above, The certificate is either missing, not assigned or invalid


1. Open the SecureAuth Admin Console

2. Go to the Realm

3. Click on the System Info tab

4. Scroll down to Client Cert Serial Nbr within the WSE 3.0 / WCF Configuration section

5. Click Select Certificate and select a valid certificate for your IdP. Eg, The IdP certificate that SecureAuth provided

6. Click Save




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