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Filesync not copying Company Logo


After setting up FileSync, it's discovered that the secondary IdP does not display the Company Logo that was set on the Primary IdP.



By default, FileSync only copies the minimum amount necessary for the Realm to work. Such as the Web.Config

It reads what to copy from a file called paths.list

It only reads paths.list from SecureAuth0 no matter which realm it is copying..


1. On the Secondary server, navigate to D:\SecureAuth\SecureAuth0\

2. Take a backup of paths.list

3. Edit paths.list to include the path to the file you want to copy.

For example, if you've used a companylogo called companylogo.jpg this is stored in the images folder so the extra entry would appear as

  <path name="images\companylogo.jpg" />



4. Save the file and restart the SecureAuth FileSync service.

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