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Unable to connect to the remote server. Unable to use 2nd factor for SMS/Voice and Push to Accept

IdP Versions Affected: All


When selecting a registration method to receive your Passcode, you get the error below.  If you scroll over the error message, you should see a more concrete reason why the registration method was unavailable.  For this particular error, you will see a message that states "unable to connect to the remote server".


There are multiple causes for this error but the main reason is that the URLs in the system info tab for that realm cannot reach our cloud even though you can access the sites on a browser.  


(1)Make sure that the certificate has the proper Network Service permissions.

(2)Make sure that the cloud endpoints are accessible.  

(3) Make sure that the Proxy Server Configurations are filled out.  This particular error, unable to connect to the remote server, is associated with the proxy settings not being configured.  That is why you are able to hit the cloud endpoints, but are not able to receive a SMS/Voice message.  After configuring the proxy, you should now be able to use SMS/voice as a 2nd factor.  



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